Other Services


Our company takes pride in ensuring all our signage is MRTS compliant and is maintained to a high standard ready for use on any worksite.

Arid to Oasis Traffic Control vehicles are fitted with your typical highway set-up, with signage for any given situation available including long term mounted signage and after care. All our vehicles and equipment is constantly upgraded to maintain our quality standard assurance at all times.

Offsetting and Delineation

No jobsite is too complex for the A2O team of experienced employees fully trained in the offsetting and delineating of worksites.

Project Management

Quality Project Management is assured on any worksite large or small. A2O Traffic Solutions are committed to ensuring their capably trained employees carry out the functions required to manage a site to a high standard of on-site occupational health and safety.


Free roaming supervisors are employed by A20 Traffic Solutions to monitor all sites, auditing and ensuring our high standard of work is consistently maintained. For long term projects we can assign your team a senior supervisor to manage and oversee all of your projects within a designated region. They will be your immediate contact for your onsite foreman and contactable 24/7. There is also the option to assign them as a full time member of your team.


Our fully qualified workplace trainer ensures our employees are up to date with the latest rules and regulations regarding Traffic Management. In house training in Level 1 and 2 Traffic Management and daily onsite training sessions ensure that our high standard of quality service is maintained throughout our workforce. We take pride in ensuring our staff are fully trained and accredited for the work-site they are assigned to.

Specialised Equipment Hire

Using the latest technology in Variable Message sign Boards with GPS and remote programming, as well as a wide range of equipment including temporary fencing and portable traffic lights A2O offers your business the most up to date solutions through our equipment division.