Townsville Office

Our purpose-built depot is just metres from the Townsville Ring Road, allowing us to quickly dispatch crews north and south along

the Bruce Highway, as well as west along the Flinders Highway.

Located in Shaw, 17 minutes from the Townsville CBD, our double-storey depot is large with adequate space for storage of all equipment and vehicles. On the second storey of the complex is a state of the art training room with all the modern technology to ensure professional training delivery.

Cairns Office

Located on Supply Rd Bentley Park the office and shed to allow for undercover parking and sufficient space for our signage and equipment. As well as three officers, there is a dedicated training room fitted out with all the modern technology to ensure professional training delivery.

The A2O Vision: A2O Traffic Solutions aims to be the first choice for traffic management in North Queensland.

Our range of equipment includes:

  • 60 Traffic Control Vehicles, all featuring:
    • Sign racks and signs
    • Flashing Beacons
    • UHF Radios
    • Long range tanks
    • Bull bars
    • Standard safety features
  • Variable Message Boards with remote programming and GPS tracking
  • Speciality Project Trailers, fitted with sign racks and specific equipment to suit your job or project
  • Specialty Installation Trailers, fitted with permanent poles, hardware and tools to install global/ permanent signage
  • Flashing arrow Boards
  • Advanced Portable Traffic Signals with SMS capability
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Barriers

We are proud of our fleet and perform proactive maintenance to make sure all our equipment is ready to function at a moment’s notice. All vehicles are fitted with the latests GPS tracking which allows us to know where every every vehicle is at any time, so when you ask for a crew to be sent out ASAP we can give you an accurate time of arrival. The GPS tracking also allows us to track driver performance including harsh braking and steering.