A2O Traffic Solutions understand the strict regulatory environment that we operate in, and adhere strictly to the QLD Transport Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Our employees are also trained according to the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme (TCAS).

We are a qualified supplier of the Queensland Department of Main Roads, registered under the new Traffic Management Registration Scheme. Additionally, we have third party SAI Global Quality Assurance certifications in Management Systems – AS/NZS 9001:2008 and Workplace Health and Safety AS/NZA 4801:2003.

This means when you choose A2O Traffic Solutions, you know you are choosing a quality service provider. Not only are we third-party accredited as complying to the minimum requirements, A2O Traffic Solutions make it our mission to go above and beyond. This is reflected in our A2O Promise: we will never be the ones holding up the job.

What Makes A2O Different?

Locally owned and operated

We are on call 24 hours a day, and pride ourselves on our response time and availability. Our decision-makers live and work in North Queensland, so management decisions can be made on the spot (and not in Brisbane or Melbourne).

Service Consistency

If you’ve ever dealt with a family business, you understand their dedication to customer service and consistency. A2O Traffic Solutions are no exception – we are never rigid in our dealings, and we can offer flexibility where others can’t.

Scalable Operations

A2O have the resources and the capabilities to supply large-scale operations, as well as small local companies. We treat every customer the same, no matter the scale of the project. Whether it be a travelling crew, pricing or innovative solutions, we’re all about traffic solutions, not problem.